Five of the Most Photogenic Spots in Greece

When packing to visit the beautiful seascapes and mountains of Greece, don’t forget to grab your camera! The country is filled with some amazing photo-ops, perfect for documenting memories you’ll [...]

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The Big Blue of Amorgos Island

Amorgos is the perfect hideaway from reality; somewhere to go when you’ve had enough of the ‘real world’. Beautiful landscapes unspoiled by chain restaurants, bright blue sea you can get [...]

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beach chairs_aegina_island

Athens Weekend Getaways

Like most summers, we are all searching for good weekend getaway to escape the hustle of the city. Luckily, if you are in Athens you have the Saronic Islands! These [...]

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paros greece

Paros. The “New Mykonos”

Over the past few years, something has shifted when it comes to where people want to be seen in Greece. Gone are the days of lavish parties on Mykonos; now, [...]

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Samothraki Island

Samothraki: The Untouched Island

Get off the beaten track and onto an island perfect for hiking and enjoying bright green foliage and tumbling waterfalls by taking a trip to a northern Greek refuge: Samothraki [...]

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