milos island

Milos – The New ‘It’ Island of Love

Milos is for lovers’ has been known by Greeks for years now. An ultimate romantic destination, filled with natural beauty and spots perfect to celebrate love, Milos is a great [...]

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floral arrangement on table

Top 5 Summer Flower Trends for Event Decoration

After months (or, perhaps, even years) of waiting, it seems we are slowly but steadily getting out of our covid-inspired shells into the world of face-to-face events! Seeing smiling faces, [...]

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Summer Wedding Ideas

A summer wedding is everything warm, bright, and gorgeous – the energy you need for married life. This beautiful time of the year avails you of stunning palettes for all [...]

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navagio beach

The Five Most Famous Beaches In Greece

If there’s one thing that Greece is known around the world for, it’s the beautiful seaside and islands found in the country. Although we would be happy lounging anywhere on [...]

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aqua curtain

Entertainment Trends In The Events Industry

While the industry expects some kind of a return to normal, consumer habits learned during the pandemic will become embedded as we see the return of live events. Entertainment is [...]

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married couple holding hands

Wedding Traditions That Are In & Out in 2022

Traditions are so important in our busy lives as they provide us a sense of comfort, stability and familiarity. But the road to "I do" is littered with hundreds of [...]

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paros greece

Paros. The “New Mykonos”

Over the past few years, something has shifted when it comes to where people want to be seen in Greece. Gone are the days of lavish parties on Mykonos; now, [...]

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star wars wedding table

The Most Unusual Wedding Themes

Long gone are the days when a wedding was a highly regulated affair. Surely, there are still certain traditions that people living in different parts of the world follow happily [...]

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The Ancient Wonders of Olympia

The Roots of Culture & Society A small town charged with history and filled with beautiful ancient remains, Olympia immerses you into the wonders of a time long passed. Arrive [...]

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Emotional Catering: Why You Should Embrace This New Trend At Your Next Event

What happens when food catering is completely soaked in its location that it creates an immersive experience? The result you get is called emotional catering. As they say that a [...]

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