Why Epirus Can Be The Ideal Backdrop for Your Autumn (or Winter) Wedding in Greece

Epirus is one of the most underrated and yet stunning regions of Greece. Filled with green trees that turn golden orange as autumn approaches, Epirus is the perfect setting for your wedding in Greece.

Charming small villages and the central town of Ioannina characterise this region and allow for many options in terms of venue and stays. Wherever you go in Epirus it is sure to be a departure from the ‘classic’ Greek summer holiday and something totally original!


Placed inside a stunning national park, Papingo is a small village with cobbled street and stunning fountains around every corner. Right next to one of the biggest gorges in Europe, Gorge Vikos, the village is the perfect home base for hiking or simply viewing a very impressive landscape.

After enjoying the beautiful mountains, stop by Pantheon restaurant for classic Greek fare in a stunningly simple setting. Then, return to your traditional stone-built mountain chalet (multiple options for great, spacious dwellings are available through Airbnb) before spending another day in pretty Papingo.


Metsovo is one of the most well-known villages in Greece, largely because of its heritage as a textile producing town. However, it is also an incredible place to visit and would certainly make for a wonderful base in the region of Epirus!

Located near Ioannina (the capital of Epirus) and only an hour’s drive from Meteora, this charming village has so much more to it than at first meets the eye. Incredibly green (especially for Greece!) and blanketed in fluffy snow in wintertime, Metsovo is a dream for winter travellers. Stay at Katogi Averoff Hotel and Winery for a unique stay in Metsovo, in a collection of stunning stone buildings!


Some may say the best has been left for last – Ioannina is certainly the largest town in Epirus, and has a breadth of facilities perfect for the more cosmopolitan visitor. Set around Lake Pamvotida, the town has a lot of picturesque spots on lakesides and bridges.

A silversmithing museum, a mythical oracle shrine, and an Ottoman mosque are some of the highlights of the town of Ioannina. Stay in an 18th century Byzantine mansion at the five star Kamares Boutique Hotel or in a more modern dwelling with two large pools at The Lake Hotel.

Photo credits:

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Featured Image: Nikos Kavvadas on Unsplash