The Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline Pt. 1

Are you that lucky wedding planner whose clients made an early move and made their minds up in favor of your services up to a whole year before the day X? If yes, congrats! Now the process will be much smoother, and the chances of something going horribly off schedule are minimized. While it is still a lot of work, of course, you have the luxury of adapting certain parts of the planning process to the couple’s availability. It is still recommended to stay within at least loosely defined bounds though, just to make sure that newlyweds-to-be do not lay back too much. Here is the first part of our duo-logy on the arguably perfect wedding planning timeline (12 to 6 months before the big day).

12 months

Engagement ring insurance. Although this counts as pre-wedding planning, it merits extra attention. As soon as the lovebirds are over the post-proposal high, it is advisable to buy insurance for that priceless new bling. (Unless one of the fiancés already handled it before popping the question of course)

Budget. Yes, it is numbers time (who said it will all be fun and games?). First things first, determining who is paying for what and figuring out the budget’s bottom line is essential. The next step is to break the budget down, settle on priorities, and begin allocating the funds proportionately. And because these figures can fluctuate as the clients make plans, it’s a good idea to develop a thorough spreadsheet right away. This will make it simple to make adjustments as you go along and help everybody keep track of the expenditures.

Guest list. In the ideal world, it would be possible to invite everyone! However, chances are your clients’ wallets are not bottomless, which means cuts and reconsiderations will likely be in order. Budget and venue capacity considerations are kings. If both partners are paying for the wedding, it is advisable to keep 70 percent of the invitations, with the remaining 30 going to both sets of parents. However, if parents are the ones footing the bill, it is customary to offer each of the parties involved one-third of the invites.

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Formality and overall theme. It’s time for the happy couple to sit down and have another in-depth conversation. After all, the two guests of honor should decide on the wedding’s theme together. The one detail to remind your clients about is that the venue will also greatly influence this decision (a black-tie glam wedding in a bard? Hmm, perhaps not.)

Venue. We’ll be honest: choosing the venue is likely the most important decision the couple will have to make. Seriously, the location has an impact on virtually everything else, including the number of guests to invite and the type of flowers placed on the table. Therefore, researching options is a must (contact us if you want help with that for your next wedding in Greece).

Wedding insurance. We’ve already written on the importance of wedding insurance and how to help the happy couple choose one, and we are not afraid of reinstating our take! In terms of timing, it is perhaps best to book a plan once the venue is confirmed. However, some companies will even set up a policy the day before.

Caterer. Another truly essential piece of the wedding mosaic is a wonderful caterer. Chances are, you already have a list of trusted companies in your country, but if you need help in Greece, you know whom to call! Also, we think the couple should not be scared to be imaginative when creating the menu. Both their grandmother’s blueberry pie and their favorite beverage will probably be enjoyed by guests.

11 months

Color theme and overall design. Pinterest boards, welcome! It’s finally time to compile ideas, choose a color scheme, and put together a mood board. We suggest taking a step back to look at things that are already in the couple’s world—like how they’ve designed their home, what they’re enjoying on Instagram, etc.—and draw inspiration from that.

Vendors that book up in advance. Photo- and videographers, bands, DJs – these are the folks that will make your night enjoyable and beyond memorable. We also highly recommend the soon-to-be-married start dating their team. Seriously, this might be the beginning of a lovely friendship.

via Cosmopolitan
via Cosmopolitan

10 months

Engagement photos. Being in front of the camera is something the lovebirds should start practicing now, especially since most photographers offer a session in their package.

Invitations. The wedding invitation is potent as it is the first time the attendees learn about the special day. The fiancées should therefore present themselves in the best possible way with a tailored preview. Start collaborating with a graphic designer or stationer to construct their ideal suite if they’re going custom. You can wait until the six-month point if your clients opt for a less complex path.

Via WedsitesBlog
Via WedsitesBlog

Wedding website. Because your clients will need to include the URL on save-the-dates next month, they should get their site up and going right away. Offer guidance regarding the website design, functionality, and UX – in our experience, such type of help is much appreciated.

9 months

Save-the-Dates. Inform everyone in a formal manner of the time and location of day X. And keep in mind: everyone who receives a save-the-date also receives a wedding invitation. Without exceptions.

Wedding dress. The time has come! The bride should say ‘yes’ to the dress of her dreams if she wants to avoid rush fees.

8 months

Bridal party accessories. It is normally a good idea for the bridal party to come shopping with the bride in real life — if they live close by. It will be useful to see them dressed in the appropriate outfit, and you might even ask about their preferences.

Florist. It is essential that the couple find someone who can deliver on both their budget and vision. For help and surefire florists in Greece, feel free to reach out to us!

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Via The Knot

6 months

7 months

Ceremony musicians. This is the perfect timing to seek the help of a three-piece band if your clients decided in its favor. As for the music itself, we advise being personal rather than generic.

Officiant. Your clients will need to hire someone to make it official if they’re not being married in a place of worship. Couples can choose a close friend or member of their family to perform the honors if they prefer a more private setting.

Lighting technician. The most crucial detail future spouses routinely forget about is lighting. Please, for the love of all sacred, remind them of this bullet point before it’s too late!

What’s next?

Even though it may feel like we’ve covered most of the unalienable pieces of the wedding planning puzzle, some of the most fun elements are yet to come! In the second part of this article, we will talk about transportation, honeymoon, hair and makeup, etc., so stay tuned!