Outstanding Wedding Reception Entrance Ideas That’ll Woo Just About Anyone

Some couples adore the concept of making a dramatic entrance at the wedding reception with a catchy soundtrack, coordinated dance movements, and confetti shower. There is no need for a spectacle, though, if the thought of walking into a room full of hungry people makes the lovebirds uneasy.

Whether your clients have always imagined a memorable flash mob, or they picture something a little more low-key, their wedding reception entrance should speak to who they are as a couple. Looking for ideas to recommend the future spouses? You’ve come to the right place! Here are 11 breathtaking entrances that have us in goosebumps!

Wondering how to turn it into reality for your next wedding in Greece? Contact us, and we’ll find the best options for you and your clients.

Photo credits:

Dance Your Way Through, Helena And LaurentPhotography
High Five Line For Life Two Bohemians, Rob August Photography
Dazzling Light Tunnel: Nick And Lauren Photography
Entering in Class: ZhaZha Photography
Let It Rain: Emily Wren Photography
Speak Up: Janine Licare Photography
Share The Love: Valeria Duque Fotografia/span>
Bring In The Pros: Emma Cleary Photo And Video
Fireworks All The Way, SMS Photography
Some Like It Hot, Emma Cleary Photo And Video
Move It, Move It, Pearl Paper Studio