Just a Piece of Cake: Wedding Cake Trends 2022

If your clients have decided to tie the knot in 2022, chances are their menus are already finalized. In this case, it is only natural to top the carefully thought-through meal off with a splendid wedding cake. While traditional white confections are a timeless go-to, new designs and creative ideas are steadily taking over couples’ minds. Here are some ideas predicted to win the future newlyweds’ hearts this year.


The past few years have seen an increase in the popularity of using lovely, organic flowers on wedding cakes and other sweet delicacies. And in 2022, this tendency will continue. Janderyn Makris, owner of Earth and Sugar, also believes flowers are here to stay. “I love how they all range in color,” she says. “And, because it is particular in style, it doesn’t have to match the wedding decor. It is its own style that reflects ethereal beauty, and best of all, it can be done on a buttercream cake.”


This is perhaps the best option if your clients still want to hold a cutting ceremony without investing into a huge cake. This trend first came to power during the pandemic when couples were increasingly shifting towards micro-weddings. However, it seems the public learned to appreciate its versatility and opts for it even in 2022.


With a gradual comeback to normality, couples are finally getting a chance at hosting a wedding ceremony of their dreams. Subsequently, this means statement cakes worthy of upscale lifestyle magazines are capturing the clients’ minds. We think colorful, multi-tiered, and commanding plenty of attention.


Instead of a massive, multi-tiered confection, many 2021 weddings included individual tiny cakes that were plated for each guest, and that trend is undoubtedly here to stay for 2022. “It’s a great idea to offer your guests their own cake rather than just a slice of cake,” mentions Nicole Redd-McIntosh, owner of Nicole Bakes Cakes.


Are your clients in for a jaw-dropping cake? If yes, separated tiers is the answer. “We’re utilizing acrylic rounds or squares along with elevated metal separators that make it appear as if a tier or two is floating,” says Randi Smith is the owner of Sugar Euphoria. “These pretty clear tiers can be filled with flowers, candy, or just left empty to give your cake an added WOW factor,” adds Redd-McIntosh.


Think black is not a wedding color? Think again! Dark colored cakes are all the rage, especially for the couples looking to stand apart from the rest of the wedding crowd. Adding another bold color or a hint of metallic is a way to attract even more attention and turn the confection into a masterpiece.


Open-air ceremonies are undoubtedly here to stay, and, according to Redd-McIntosh, more and more couples are embracing the great outdoors. A cake with fresh citrus or other fruits is a popular choice among newlyweds as the appropriate dessert for an outdoor event.


Taking the personalization trend to the next level, pet portraits on wedding desserts is the new black! For an extra surprise, the couple could ask their baker to place the image at the back of the cake and reveal the design to their guests at the last moment. What a cute way to include pets in one of the most important days of the couple’s life!


Looking to express their personality through any means possible, couples are increasingly choosing wedding cakes as their creative battlefield. This results in evermore unusual styles and designs. Tiffany MacIsaac, owner of Buttercream Bakeshop, is forecasting unorthodox proportions, slender structures, and overall minimalistic looks, and we are here for it!


Ashley Lattier, owner of Ashley Cakes, thinks personalization is back in vogue. She says, “We are seeing the trend swing back to large, tiered cakes with lots of personal details, whether it be lacework replicated from the client’s wedding dress or a specific pattern that they are incorporating into their wedding.” Adding location-specific details is one of the options as well. A Greek amphora or a Pandora Box on top of your cake? Why not?! Ask us for even more Greece-inspired ideas!

Photo credits:

Tiny: Adriana Rivera
Patterned: Ashley Cakes
Modern: Buttercream Bakeshop
Bold: Cat Carty Buswell
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Citrusy: Madeline Trent
Patterned: Ashley Cakes
Tierd: MademoiselleFiona
Individual: Mandee Johnson
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