Capturing Moments: Top 10 Wedding Photographers Around the World

The event planner is the fundamental puzzle in a perfect wedding, there is little doubt about that. From careful consideration of smallest details to meticulous coordination of all the major participants, a good wedding planner can make or break the whole ceremony. Nevertheless, no matter how perfect the event organization is, wrong lighting and missed opportunities do not help with making one of the couple’s most important days their most memorable as well. This is where the photographer comes in and why top professionals in this field are so generously rewarded. As a source of inspiration, here is a shortlist of the world’s most sought-after moment-hunters.

Jose Villa

Photo by Jose Villa

Many celebrities’ darling, Jose Villa is known for his true mastery of soft, timeless look alongside an organic approach towards how he works with his clients. He also recommends spending significant amount of time on choosing the wedding photographer as, according to him, the couple’s and the photographer’s personalities should click. We believe he knows what he is talking about as his list of customers includes the likes of Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin, Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra, Tamera Mowry & Adam Housley, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom & Nicole Schuetz, and many more.

Corbin Gurkin

Photo By Corbin Gurkin | Instagram

Drawing inspiration from the Old World imagery and Italian Renaissance, Corbin Gurkin masterfully incorporates natural light, lush textures, and botanical elements into his masterpieces. He also asks clients to trust him and not burden him with an overly extensive shot list, citing the spontaneity and each moment’s uniqueness as essential parts of the creative process. He has experience shooting such couples as Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas, Allen Leech & Jessica Herman, Ashley Tisdale & Christopher, Abby Elliott & Bill Kennedy, Casey Wilson & David Caspe, and more.

Aaron Delesie

Photo By Aron Delesie

Aaron Delesie’s signature look could probably best be described as timeless and clean. His studio shoots only 10 weddings per year and participates in the full preparation process, which gives him a unique understanding of the couple’s character from the very beginning. Noteworthy clients are Chrissy Teigen & John Legend, Roselyn Sanchez & Eric Winter, Whitney Wolfe & Michael Herd, Angie & Arthur Blank, The Bachelor for ABC, Feiping Chang & Lincoln Li.

Matt Porteous

Photo by Matt Porteous

Driven by a desire to capture experiences, Matt Porteous goes for the intimate and the communal, the still and in-motion. He suggests that the couples make enough time for themselves and do not overplan the day X to the point they miss the fun. Matt is the private family photographer to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, he also worked for such couples as Pippa Middleton & James Matthews, Ellie Goulding & Caspar Jopling, Camilla & George Blandford.

John Dolan

Photo by John Dolan | Instagram

A fervent appreciator of natural looks, John Dolan strives for his photos to not look dated even after a quarter of a century. He achieves that by shooting alone and trying to blend in with the wedding party, capturing true, undirected emotions. Among those appreciative of his work are Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Bosworth, Bridget Moynahan, Ben Stiller, Will Smith, J.Lo.

Thierry Joubert

Photo by Thierry Joubert

On another side of the spectrum is Thierry Joubert. Loyal to the cinematic look with a touch of fashion, his works are often featured in lifestyle magazines. Based in France, he travels all over the world for shootings as, according to him, love unites them all.

Alex Bramall

Photo by Alex Bramall | Instagram

Another fashion-inspired master is Alex Bramall. His work aims to create an editorial feel, mixing effortless with elegant and luxurious. The result is usually somewhat unorthodox compared to more classic approaches but is certainly noteworthy. He photographed Gabrielle Caunesil & Riccardo Pozzoli as well as the royal wedding of HRH Princess Eugenie and Mr. Jack Brooksbank.

Lucy Cuneo

Photo by Lucy Cuneo

Lucy Cuneo’s attention as a wedding photographer is drawn not only to the happy couple but also their families and the whole wedding party. Her studio delivers portraits of every attendee in the spirit of togetherness and candor. Noteworthy weddings include Bryan Rafanelli & Mark Walsh, Harley Viera-Newton & Ross Schwartzman, Jenna Rennert & Aubrey Levy, Alexander Berardi & Dr. Thomas Grogan, the Viscount Allendale family, Whitney Weeks & Douglas Pickett, and more.

Sylvie Gil

Photo By Sylvie Gil

Focused on the raw romance, Sylvie Gil hunts intimate emotions and the uniqueness with which each couple looks at each other. In her opinion, open communication between the photographer and the couple is of utmost importance for the truly mesmerizing result.

Weddings of note are Tara Lipinski & Todd Kapostasy, Shannon & Peter Getty, Beth Behrs & Michael Gladis.

Lauren & Abby Ross

Photo by Lauren + Abby Ross

Vulnerability and the desire to tell a human story – those are the two main drivers behind the Ross sisters’ work. They swear by the fast-paced yet delicate nature of the ceremony and getting a wedding planner the couple truly trusts (and we couldn’t agree more!). When asked about noteworthy weddings, they are lost in the abundance of choice: a nine-day celebration in Israel with 700 guests, 30 guests at the Royal Malewane in South Africa, or a private island wedding in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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