A Bridge Between Seasons

As summer comes to a close and a cool breeze starts to creep into the air, many search for the perfect place to take an early autumn holiday. Platamonas is the perfect escape for the season, combining beach sides for warm days and green landscapes for cooler ones.

Platamonas is an ancient town on the north-eastern coast of Greece. Popular with domestic tourists but not well known outside of the country, it is the perfect place to visit to get a slice of Greek authenticity with a side of stunning views.

A Mythical Adventure

As you enter the town, it would be hard to miss the main tourist attraction – an imposingly beautiful castle which looks over the seafront. Walk along the footpath between the stunning greenery as you approach the Byzantine castle, built between 1204 and 1222.

Let your imagination cast you back to times when this would have been a crucial bastion of defense for the area, securing the roads connecting the north and south of Greece. Once you’ve had your fix of history and the amazing panoramic views from the castle viewpoint, amble down to the rest of the town for a bite of traditional Greek food.

Many visitors to Platamonas pass through the friendly town on their way to climbing the highest and most well-known mountain in Greece, Mount Olympus. Only 20 kilometres away from where most tours of Mount Olympus set off from, Platamonas is the perfect take off spot for those wishing to see where the twelve gods of Ancient Greek mythology called home.

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Holiday On Foot

Platamonas is ideal for those who don’t want to bother with cars or transportation – the small seaside town can be navigated almost entirely by foot, making it perfect for relaxing. Stay on the beautiful coast front in one of a number of hotels such as Cronwell resort or Diverso hotel. Or, take a page from the Greek youth that visit the area and plan an unconventional holiday – stay in one of the many campsites available nearby!

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For dinner, visit Kymata restaurant, which is has all the final touches of a luxury restaurant serving elevated Mediterranean fare. For a more classic Greek experience, dine at Psaropoula, which offers a simple setting but clean and fresh ingredients at a good price.

After a full day on the beach, walk over to the main town and enjoy the bustling evening marketplace by the water. Sift through jewellery made by local artisans, lovely souvenirs and homemade food goods for the perfect memento of your time in Platamonas.

As summer comes to a close and a cool breeze starts to creep into the air, Platamonas is the perfect escape. Combining beach sides for warm days and green landscapes for cooler ones, the ancient town could be your next hidden Greek gem.

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