Embracing Innovation: Exploring a Metaverse Wedding

Could the future of weddings include marriages in the metaverse and blockchain vows of enduring love? The role of technology in our lives has increased during the last few years. In fact, so much so that even marriages are gradually moving into the online world. Online weddings for guests who are unable to attend in person have increased in frequency as a result of the pandemic, when many couples opted for videoconferences to conduct their virtual ceremonies. But would they also have the option of a metaverse nuptial?

What is the metaverse, to begin with?

The metaverse is a network of 3D virtual environments with a strong social component. Users can interact in this virtual world on a number of platforms, including Decentraland, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, and Somnium Space. By 2024, the metaverse might be valued at more than $800 billion, according to Bloomberg Intelligence. There is a variety of new social connection opportunities in this new virtual environment, including marriages.

Two couples that exchanged NFT rings at metaverse weddings highlight this novel and cutting-edge form for the future.

In February 2022, Ryan Hurley and Candice Hurley exchanged vows in the metaverse at the Rose Law Group location on the Decentraland platform. The Rose Law Group, who arranged their metaverse wedding, had real offices, so the bride, groom, their son, and the officiant were there for coordination purposes.

A metaverse architect created the Hurleys’ ideal venue. They arrived at the property in Decentraland, which had been altered to resemble a mountain town wedding location, along with their avatars and thousands of attendees (some of whom they knew, and the others just interested strangers). The ceremony for the avatars was officiated by Arizona Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick.

The Hurleys gave away NFTs (non-fungible tokens) of their dog, Pepper, as gifts to guests in place of the customary wedding favor. On a blockchain, there are NFTs that are closely related to the metaverse and can be traded online for cryptocurrencies.

metaverse wedding
Photo via New York Times

Metaverse marriages are not currently enforceable in court. Jordan Rose, the founder and president of Rose Law Group, explains: “The marriage itself is recognizable with the meta-marriage certificate we developed. The meta-marriage certificate is a new concept for Web3 and is not a legal document.”

metaverse wedding
Photo via Brides.com

On the other hand, one of the metaverse spouses adds, “The blockchain, however, is forever, and anyone, anywhere can contribute to it and view it. It is unstoppable, impossible to censor, and does not require anyone’s permission—just as love should be. Love is love. What could possibly be more romantic than that? While we are privileged to have a relationship that is approved of by society, not everyone is so lucky, such as those in non-heterosexual, interracial, or other relationships forbidden in the places where they live. Blockchain marriage gives individuals the power to declare and record a loving commitment without the need for state, religious, or any other authority. On top of that, one’s marriage status on the blockchain can be kept private and anonymous in cases where a public display is not accepted or safe.”

A metaverse ceremony’s additional benefit? Another spouse adds, “Having a metaverse wedding is a terrific way to have a pretty low-cost event and you can build whatever venue and details you like.” Metaverse weddings offer a wide range of planning and design options, so the couple can let their imagination run wild and add lots of unique details. The first Metaverse Fashion Week took place in Decentraland in March, indicating that couture has already arrived in the metaverse. Even outstanding pieces from the most recent couture collection were displayed by designer Elie Saab at its online flagship store. In the near future, other bridal gown companies might create wearables for avatars as well. Who knows, perhaps, the day we all collectively move into the virtual lands is not that far away!