Patmos, It’s Divine

Patmos is an out of the way destination which could be your next Greek island obsession. Known for its biblical roots, the island has so much more to offer than first meets the eye: stunning volcanic rock formations, unique architecture, and upscale locations sure to meet even the finest of tastes.

The ‘Cave of the Apocalypse’ is one of Patmos’ most visited touristic attractions. It is where St. John had the visions which inspired the Book of Revelations and is one of the holiest locations across Greece. It is a breath-taking site and not one to miss during your time on the island.

Soundtracks for a blissful summer in Patmos

Home on Patmos

The bay of Grikos, on the opposite side of the island to the main village of Chora, is where you’ll find most luxury hotels and accommodation. There is a beach here, however the area is better known for its restaurants (more on that later!).

For a boutique stay and individual attention by hotel staff, the place to be on Patmos is Petra Hotel. With only 12 rooms and suites, the hotel provides a stunning pool, refined and rustic rooms, and delicious food options. Otherwise, stay at Patmos Aktis Suites, where beautiful and modern white buildings welcome travellers. A swimming pool and a private stretch of beach make sure that everyone feels at home!

Photo By Anastasia Dimitriadi | Unsplash
Photo By Anastasia Dimitriadi | Unsplash

Take A Bite

Ask anyone who’s been to Patmos where to eat and you’ll hear a chorus of ‘Benetos!’. An absolute classic must-do on the island, this restaurant is located on the shore and serves up imaginative fresh fish dishes. Otherwise, stop by Apocalypsis in Grikos bay for a beautiful space painted crisp white, with delicious fish dishes and great service to offer.

Although Patmos isn’t known for its night life, there are some cocktail bars to visit after dinner. Ginger in Skala serves up unique cocktails with good ambience in Skala; if you find yourself in Chora, head to the town square (plateia) of Agia Levies, where a number of bars line the streets.

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Photo by @patmosaktis | Instagram

Catch the Sun

Patmos is the ideal place for a culture-packed holiday due to the divine elements of the island, with a fascinating monastery and the Cave of the Apocalypse to visit. However, it also has wonderful beaches you can soak up the sun on!

Most will advise you to travel to the south of the island for beachgoing, where the nicer stretches of beach are. Petra beach is perhaps the island’s most popular, and Psili Ammos is also a good place to visit (if you can stand a thirty-minute walk to get there!). Agriolivado beach is ideal if you’re looking for an organized beach with sun loungers and a variety of tavernas nearby, with Glaros taverna being known across the island for its excellent fish dishes.

Photo by @pallisd | Instagram

The biblical roots of this island aren’t the only thing that make it heavenly. An out of the way escape which is sure to impress with culture, food and days out in the sun!