The Perfect Wedding Website

While wedding planning is becoming more and more sophisticated by the day, technology is not lagging either. Thus, both couples and planners are incorporating various digital tools to help them put together the day of their dreams – anything from budgeting apps to complete zoom weddings just proves the point. There is no doubt that the trend will keep on going, as the world is still volatile in the grip of the pandemic, and metaverse seems to be slowly but surely taking over our collective minds.

In such a climate, it is only natural that wedding websites have become increasingly popular in recent years. Done well, not only could they help the happy couple organize all the details relevant to their day X but also avoid pitiful mishaps like logistical setbacks and etiquette faux pas. And the chances the future husband and wife will turn to you, their trusted advisor, for a piece of related wisdom are high – high to the point that it is worth it to have the preliminaries outlined in your head. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top five things to know about the wedding website of dreams.

Essential Travel Info

You probably do not need us to tell you just how much a destination wedding is different from a local one. The workload is certainly higher, the logistics are volatile, and the chance of a mishap grows quasi-exponentially. This is why adding all the travel-related information to the wedding website could save the planner precious time and nervous system cells!

Among our favorites are details about the nearest airports and websites, phone numbers, and booking codes for any local hotels where the couple has a room block. Another much-appreciated perk is a section with discounts for airport shuttles or rental cars the future spouses might have secured for their guests.

Local Know-How

A related point is the activities the wedding guests could pursue while in Greece. Even the bride’s and groom’s closest friends and relatives probably won’t deny that non-wedding-related affairs – such as sightseeing, sunbathing, or enjoying the delicious local cuisine – are all on their bucket lists. Killing two birds with one stone never sounded better!

This is why the majority of invitees (especially those just discovering the Mediterranean) would likely appreciate a list of what to do and see in the area.

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Registry Details

Now, including registry details openly and unambiguously might seem like an awkward idea for some couples. While we share their undecidedness regarding the social protocol in this situation, we still believe that doing so may make the guests’ life (and, by extension, yours) a ton easier!

This is especially true for destination weddings, where each square centimeter and gram of luggage matters. Many people will likely look to buy gifts in Greece, which is why directing them to a specific store is the helping hand many of them will likely appreciate. Apart from this, in case your happy couple chose to set up a registry for something intangible like a honeymoon or house fund, or charitable donations, suggest them to include a small description of what these funds will be spent on just to make sure their invitees feel connected to the life they will be helping to build.

Design Matters

This one is probably no surprise but creating a website in the same style, color palette, and design as the rest of the future spouses’ wedding is a great chance to highlight once again just in how good of a taste the whole event is being carried out.

On another note, security is something to think about as well. Specifically, the vast majority of wedding websites will give customers an opportunity to protect it with a password – let your clients know that it is a very good idea to leverage this! Wedding websites contain private information, from the venue and wedding date (fodder for wedding crashers) to the mailing address (for non-registry gifts).

Digital RSVPs

Online RSVP systems have become hugely popular, and for good reason!

  • For one, you don’t have to manually keep track of how many guest are on your lists! This can save you unnecessary time when planning multiple events at once!
  • You will not have to send out postage and buy envelopes which can increase costs, plus you are saving a ton of paper waste.
  • You can easily group guests and their plus ones when trying to organize your seating charts!

Ultimately, a wedding website could be of great help for both the planner and the bride and the groom when getting ready for the special day. Every wedding is unique, so websites will typically vary greatly depending on the functionality required and the amount of information to be exposed. Regardless, the couple could make it a vital part of the preparation for the event and save lots of time and effort not only for themselves but for you as well!