In the Mood: Wedding Inspiration Drawn from the Essence of Greece

Inspiration comes in many forms and has many faces. Be it a cultural sight, a literary character, the summer breeze caressing your face, or a brightly flavored meal – Greece is known to be a generous muse to many a poetic soul. However, one ought not to be a poet to appreciate the beauty of the cradle of Western civilization. Walking down the streets of the old town or treating yourself to a sunny beach day is a great way to get inspired for creative wedding ideas. However, each place is unique, and as such, almost dictates its mood, décor, and attire. Today, we are looking at five incredible destinations in Greece and immerse ourselves in their vibe – so that you could offer your clients a uniquely Greek wedding experience.

Rhodes Old Medieval Town

The oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe, Rhodes Medieval Quarter can be a rather surprising sight. Despite its name alluding to a deserted, ruined setting, the area is ripe with an intricate network of busy little commercial streets alternating with quiet alleys. The town is not only charming but also of huge importance to humanity as it is a part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage!

Given its unique medieval allure and a Game-of-Thronish appeal, we have put our knights’ and ladies’ hats on to arrive at a somewhat gothic yet still modern wedding style. Warm candlelight, full-bodied flowers, and long, flowy gowns are our top choice for the place that transports us directly to the faraway lands of chivalry and courteousness.

Milos Sarakiniko Beach

Welcome to the Moon, ladies and gentlemen! No, we did not ask Elon Musk for a tour in one of his SpaceX rockets for a literally otherworldly wedding (yet) but came to Milos’s Sarakiniko beach to get mesmerized by this sight of natural beauty. The scenery is indeed breathtaking: long, white, and smooth rocks with horizontal layers create unique shapes around the sea. Fun fact: Sarakiniko was named after the Saracen pirates, for whom the endless caves and tunnels became a natural hiding place to store the treasures. Nowadays, the location is unsurprisingly popular with happy couples.

Inspired by the moonish landscapes and peacefully monochrome surroundings, we have erred on the side of simplicity for the wedding décor and atmosphere – perfect for the true minimalism lovers. A wedding gown in a traditional Greek style paired with an effortless yet elegant centerpiece and the monofloral bouquet is the way to go.

Santorini Oia

One of the most popular destinations in the country, Santorini is not only about luxury parties and instagrammable views. Despite its status as the unofficial wedding capital of the world, the island is so much more than its classic postcard appearance. Specifically, the village of Oia, found in the northern part of the Caldera, has become famous all around the world for its authentic Cycladic beauty, whitewashed houses, labyrinth-like alleys, and awe-inspiring sunsets.

The village’s sun-infused profile has awakened a dormant classicist in us, leading to a rather traditional but nonetheless gorgeous wedding aesthetic for this location. Classic pastel-toned roses, beautiful arches, and Cinderella-inspired dresses are our top picks.

Syros Vaporia Quarter

Vaporia, the most picturesque quarter of Ermoupolis Syros, is a visual splendor for all tastes. A true architectural masterpiece with beautiful mansions constructed in the neoclassical style, paved paths, and beautiful arches, Vaporia has become a popular Greek destination in recent years.

We feel like Vaporia’s elegance can only possibly be matched by a lightweight lace dress, peony bouquet, and airy set-up with multiple hanging decorations. For an even more fairy-like event, consider a wedding photoset at one of the two gorgeous churches the town can offer (and we could help organize).

Mastic Villages of Chios

Last but not least are the mastic (or majestic?) villages of Chios. Unchanged since Byzantine times, these charming small towns are a must-see for any couple planning to hold their big day in Greece. They get their unusual name from mastiha, a famous resin known for its strong flavor and natural therapeutic benefits. Cultivated exclusively in Southern Chios and used in everything from desserts and liqueurs to beauty products and gum, it was exported to all parts of the world since the Middle Ages.

Nowadays, the network of villages is a paradise for boho lovers. Eccentric bouquets with dried elements, free-spirited centerpieces, and airy dresses capable of making Tinkerbell jealous seem to portray Chios’s natural and architectural beauty in the best way possible.

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