Lights, Camera, Action, Greece!

There is something mesmerizing about Greek beauty that just stays in the memoirs of our minds. You realize it in the middle of your work when you’re sipping your coffee and the aroma instantly transports you to the memory of when you were sipping the coffee while enjoying the glorious sunset in Santorini… Perhaps, that’s why filmmakers are eager to cage these memories through their lens and make Greece a part of their movies.

The Greek mainland and its 6,000 islands cover locations from traditional villages and unique islands to beaches, forests, snow-capped mountains, and volcanoes. The variety of locations appeals to a wide variety of commercial productions. Those looking for underwater or aerial shoots will find suitable infrastructure and technicians throughout the country.

According to a study released recently by Athens-based research and policy institute diaNEOsis, Greece now has the opportunity to attract more foreign film and TV productions and improve the skills and prospects of local professionals. Since the beginning of 2021, Greece has attracted 10 major film and TV productions budgeted at 8-20 million euros each. Recently, Netflix announced that it aims to film many movies in Greece this year.

With such great potential, Greece is topping the charts of filmmakers across the globe and luring them with its beauty. Here are 5 places in Greece where legendary movies have been made and filmmakers across the globe should consider for their next shoot!


Skopelos: The Land of Mama Mia

Did you know that Mamma Mia directors traveled to 20 Greek islands before deciding that Skopelos was the ‘one.’ After the film shooting of Mamma Mia, this Greek island has gained significant momentum thanks to its relatively undisturbed appeal. There are a lot of castles and monasteries for the shoot. The Panormos is one of the popular beach towns with a crescent-shaped bay surrounded by dense pine trees. The Cape Amarandos consist of several secluded coves and pools.


Peloponnese: The Before Midnight Serenity

All the hopeless romantics out there know the impact the ‘Before’ Trilogy had on us. The epic love story of an American guy and a French girl continues in Greece for its 3rd part showing us the raw, untouched beauty of the Southern Peloponnese. Space and luxury surround you in Messinia, and it provides its visitors with a mix of simplistic natural experiences with modern tourist infrastructure. It has a good mix of beaches, charming port villages, impressive Venetian fortresses, and much more.


Santorini: The Meherbaan Love Story

Serenade your lady love to the tune of ‘Meherbaan’ in Santorini just like Hritik & Katrina! Santorini is a beautiful choice for film shooting especially if the theme is a romantic love story. With the sunsets of Oia, the picturesque blue and whitewashed domes, and endless views of Caldera and the Aegean Sea, you will surely lose yourself in the moment while shooting the movie. No surprise here! This is a rather frequented and favored location amongst Bollywood celebs—and why wouldn’t it be—the bright whites against the contrasting blue waters of Santorini make for some of the most effortless backdrops.


Corfu: For Your Eyes Only

James Bond fans will almost certainly know that several scenes from For Your Eyes Only were filmed on Corfu, including at Avlaki Bay, Corfu Town, and the Achilleion Palace. From lush green hills to noble mansions and from idyllic Corfu beaches, to interesting museums, this island has everything it takes to please moviemakers of any type.


Mykonos: The Bourne Identity’s Place

The Bourne Identity was shot was partially held in Mykonos, Greece. This small town is famous for its beautiful and atmospheric berth and is considered a party destination of the country. Here, you’ll discover the perfect Greek mix of so energy, relaxation, and jubilation. The Cycladic-style buildings of Chora, the windmills of Kato Myli, and the ornate temples of Delos collectively form an ideal backdrop for any movie genre.

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