Weekday Wedding Vs Weekend Wedding: Which One’s For You?

Much debate has been stirred in the current times whether they should go for weekday or weekend weddings! While one has the advantage to extend the celebration to a multi-day affair, the other has the convenience of better price and vendor availability. We have listed the pros and cons to help you decide which one’s suits you the best.

Weekend Wedding

Couples are opting to stretch out their weddings over the course of 3–4 days, often during the weekends with multiple events occurring within that time frame. Starting with a welcome party to kick off the weekend, followed by recreational activities the next day, a rehearsal dinner, the wedding ceremony, and reception, afterparty, and farewell event on the last day.


A wedding weekend provides more time to relax with your family and friends. After the pandemic, everybody wants to reconnect and have a good time with their loved ones. You are more likely to get full attendance as everyone’s schedule will be free due to weekends.

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It might cost you some extra dollars from your pocket as everyone wants to book during the weekends. And as it is a busier time of the week, you might not get your choice of vendors. If you want a particular photographer or a cake designer, you might want to wait until their schedule clears.

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Weekday Weddings

The pandemic leading to an increased surge in 2022 weddings due to backlog in 2022 & 2021, venues and other vendors are unavailable during weekends. As a result, couple are shifting their choice to have a weekday wedding. Not only it turns out to be budget-friendly, it is also giving the flexibility to have more elements and break the monotony of a mundane Monday.


First and foremost, weekday weddings are a lot easier on the pocket, so if you’re struggling to get on top of your wedding budget, choosing a day during the week will instantly free up some much-needed cash to spend on other wedding essentials! After all, Saturday weddings are notoriously expensive and are often booked up as much as two years in advance. Choosing a weekday wedding will also make it a lot easier to access your first-choice suppliers such as the photographer, videographer, make-up artist, florist, DJ and anything else you need for your special day.

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Expect lesser attendance. Not everybody from your guest list will be able to make it. Some might not get holiday or guests with kids might have schools, so it becomes tougher to get attendance. Weekday weddings tend to have shorter programs, thinking that some have to wake up early the next day. For example, if you want to have a cocktail reception, not many people will drink considering they have to get home early.

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So, which one’s right for you? Well, it depends upon your priorities. Do you want to celebrate a destination wedding with only a few people, or you want to involve all your loved ones? Will budget be a constraint? The best thing to do is to talk through your choices with your partner and draw a conclusion about what’s best suitable for you. If in any case, you need help talking about this, feel free to write us back at info@amusebespoke.com.

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