How to Construct a Perfect Wedding Weekend

As humanity seems to be on its way towards ever more complicated scripts for various social situations, it is only natural that what used to be a wedding day/night is now slowly but steadily morphing into a wedding weekend – and we adore it! A full weekend to celebrate mutual love, respect, and acceptance? Count us in! Thankfully, this coincides with the view many couples are adopting, which means more hard, yet definitely rewarding work for the wedding planners. How to help your clients construct the wedding weekend of their dreams? Here is a rough guide to the main features to keep in mind.

Setting the Tone

What is the most important thing in any event? Right, the first impression. And in the case of a wedding, that first impression rests in the eyes of the beholder, namely, the guests. Given that the happy couple has already decided to go for a destination wedding, there is a high chance they are the type of people who love to woo their esteemed invitees. And what is the best way to do that? Giving out well-thought-through welcome goodie bags seems like a great start!

Apart from the sentimental reasons, a goodie bag can also save you some energy if it includes all the necessary information about the weekend – we are thinking, the estimated schedule, itinerary, basic tourist info, and potentially almost life-saving details like Band-Aids, safety pins, sunscreen, and bug repellant.

Another tasteful touch is a bite of Greece itself. While the Greek cuisine is too rich in diversity and flavor to fit into a welcome bag, your couple could certainly provide a taste of it to their guests. We would probably go for flavorful tomato fritters (tomato keftedes), especially if the event takes place in Santorini, the birthplace of this savory snack, paired with freshly prepared ouzo lemonade capable of dissolving jetlag and travel tiredness.

wedding weekend bag
Photo by KT Merry | Planning Society
boats at sea
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greek parliament
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Going Places

Do your clients think unusual modes of transportation only pertain to fairytales? We urge them to think again! Perhaps, a pumpkin-shaped carriage is pushing it a little, but who said a vintage trolley, fancy boat, or even a horse are off-limits? In Greece, anything is possible, and options for all types of budgets are not hard to find – if you know where to go and who to ask, of course. In any case, covering transportation, even if only partially, is a generous move that would certainly be appreciated by the invitees.

Getting Creative

No matter how paradoxical it sounds at first, a wedding weekend is not all about the wedding. Unsurprisingly, guests may want to make the best use of their time in the dreamy Mediterranean and explore their destination to the maximum. In this case, it is likely they will appreciate a short bucket list of activities and sights that await them in Greece. If your clients feel especially grateful to their invitees for coming, suggest getting special deals for the whole party with local vendors, museums, and tavernas – and if you are in search of those, you know where to find us!

Leaving on a Strong Note

Finally, if the happy couple is particularly keen on organizing the wedding of the century, the list of ideas about how to spoil their guests – and themselves as well, of course – is truly endless. Think an unexpected pop-up beauty parlor right at the event venue with some of the world’s best-known brand representatives to spark the jaw-dropping effect. Or how about an all-inclusive trip to one of Greece’s many excellent vineyards where a professional sommelier would expose the invitees’ palate to a brave new world of wine bouquets? The options are truly boundless, and we are happy to be the shoulder to rely on in the quest for the features most suitable to each couple of yours.

Overall, the perfect wedding weekend is not just a fruit of wishful thinking, and it certainly does not have to remain in the husband’s- and wife’s-to-be wildest dreams – making it a reality is not simple but is not mission impossible either. With a customized approach to every wedding and a reliable local partner, happy couples can count on wooing their guests and turning their wedding into a tale worthy of legends!