The Big Blue of Amorgos Island

Amorgos is the perfect hideaway from reality; somewhere to go when you’ve had enough of the ‘real world’. Beautiful landscapes unspoiled by chain restaurants, bright blue sea you can get mesmerized by, and a peacefulness hard to find anywhere else.

One of the Cycladic Islands, Amorgos is known for being the setting of the 1988 film ‘The big blue’, starring Jean Reno. Certainly a fitting descriptor for the island, take a dive into Amorgos!

A playlist for your great escape to Amorgos.

The journey is long but the rewards are large. You will read on a map near the harbor “‘Welcome to Amorgos. Nobody will find you here.”

Head to Chora

Chora, the main town on Amorgos is where most people opt to stay. Vorina Ktismata is a boutique hotel near the main town, featuring lovely, whitewashed buildings typical of the Cyclades to call home.

However, most luxury stays are located a bit further away from Chora, near the town of Aegiali. Aegiali is also the town known for its nightlife on the island, making it a very fun and upscale place to stay! Unique places to stay near here include the Aliori Art Caves, which are made of stone and built into caves, or Pano Gitonia, which offers an authentic but elevated group of homes for short term stays.

chora amorgos town
Photo by Johnny Africa | Unsplash
Photo by Clement Souchet | Unsplash

Occupy Your Days

One of the classic things to do on Amorgos is visit the monastery of Hozoviotissa, which was built into a cliff face a thousand years ago. The façade is impressive, as the building is eight stories high; you may have to crouch down very low to get inside but the intricate décor and stunning views of the sea are worth it.

Getaway to one of many beautiful and secluded beaches on the island, such as Mouros beach, which requires a ten minute walk. Take a short boat ride to the nearby uninhabited island of Gramvoussa for a swim like no other. Otherwise, stick to the organized beach at Aegiali, where your every need can be met.

mouros beach amorgos
Photo by @natalienass | Instagram
Hozoviotissa monastery amorgos
Photo by @katerinakatopis | Instagram
Photo by @to_me_raki | Instagram

Where to Eat & Drink

Wind down by eating at one of the many delicious restaurants on the island. Local delicacies include stuffed goat and pork cooked in a ceramic pot; try it alongside some fresh fish for the best the island has to offer.

Visit Apospero in Chora for a gourmet option. Serving up classic Mediterranean food in a beautiful location, it’s long been the favourite of many visitors of Amorgos. For a countryside option with authentic food from farm to table, choose T’Apanemo, near the small village of Kolofana. Cap your night off with a visit to Amorgis, a bar with stunning sunset views in Aegiali.

Photo by apospero_amorgos | Instagram
Photo by apospero_amorgos | Instagram

Amorgos has a special charm – during your first visit, you’re sure to be planning your next! Treasure every moment on this unique island getaway and take some of the tranquility back to your everyday.