Milos – The New ‘It’ Island of Love

Milos is for lovers’ has been known by Greeks for years now. An ultimate romantic destination, filled with natural beauty and spots perfect to celebrate love, Milos is a great option for your next escape.

Milos is known as the island where the iconic statue of the Venus de Milo now housed in Paris’ Louvre was discovered. Now, it has begun to shoot up the ranks of popular romantic Greek islands, joining Santorini as an ultimate couples’ getaway.

A soundtrack to fall in love with Milos.

Your Home Away From Home

Most upscale hotels can be found outside the main town, where there is enough space for pools overlooking beautiful blue sea and lux accommodation. Romance flourishes at Volcano luxury suites. This adults-only retreat keeps the attention to detail making it perfect for a couples retreat. Otherwise, choose an Airbnb such as Archinos by the Sea, where you can stay in traditional cave houses usually occupied by fishermen.

Wind Down At Night

After long days at the beach, you’re sure to be ready for a night on the town. Start off with finding one of Milos’ many delicious restaurants – OKTO is an obvious choice. Ran by two Michelin-starred chefs, enjoy Mediterranean food reimagined and presented at a level that’s unbeatable.

okto milos
Photo @okto.milos | Instagram

Then, head to Plaka for a nightcap with a view! Utopia is a hugely popular choice for good reason – the outdoor terrace that looks on to the sea is the perfect place to watch a romantic sunset paint the sky. For a wilder night out, get to Adamas, the seaside town with nightclubs and bars galore!

plaka milos
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Photo by Volcano Luxury Suites

Forty beaches To Lounge On

Milos has no shortage of stunning beaches. In fact, one of the most famous beaches in Greece, Sarakiniko bay, can be found here. It’s no secret why this beach is a must see – it almost looks alien and unreal due to the white limestone moonscape which meets stunning azure waters.

Other beaches worth a visit include Papafrakas, a beach you have to swim to! A long channel, partly covered by a cave, is your way of getting to this sandy heaven. Otherwise, for a more conventional swim, go to Mandrakia, which has welcoming white sands with a restaurant known for being far better than your average seaside fare named “Medusa” on the shoreline.

sarakiniko milos
Photo by @thebonotwins | Instagram

For a more laid-back meal, head to Jordan’s Meat…ing Steakhouse. Known for their great service and delicious meat-based dinners, it’s sure not to disappoint! A quick budget-friendly bite can also be found at Deck, which overlooks the sea and serves up staples such as pizza with a side of delicious cocktails.

photo of people dining milos
Photo by @compassandtwine | Instagram

Milos is definitely an island to keep an eye on – there’s few other places with so much to offer! The perfect spot for island hopping, its proximity to Santorini, Mykonos and Paros make it an ideal stop on your trip and not one to miss.