Top 5 Summer Flower Trends for Event Decoration

After months (or, perhaps, even years) of waiting, it seems we are slowly but steadily getting out of our covid-inspired shells into the world of face-to-face events! Seeing smiling faces, hearing laughter, and hugging one another during some of the most memorable moments of our lives – what could be better? Perhaps, this summer’s hottest flower trends reflect precisely that – people’s thirst for human connection, bright emotions, and, more generally, the atmosphere of celebration. Let’s have a closer look at what combinations are sure to inspire us in the upcoming months.


Colors Galore

Being bold may be frightening at first. However, as practice shows, many of us quickly develop the taste for it. It seems this is exactly what’s happening to the party hosts this year – instead of opting for the familiar and safe colors such as white, green, and pink, the most unexpected combinations of bright tones are on the rise!

If this year’s trending wedding colors are any indication, event organizers should probably pay attention to fuchsia pink, yellow, and Pantone Color of the Year Very Peri. One of the greatest perks when working with a virtually unrestricted palette is the highly customizable designs a florist could create to best express the individual atmosphere of every event – something that proves to be much harder when working with just three or four colors at once.

Photo via One Fab Day


Maxi is the New Mini

On par with a burst of colors, the next trend is hard to overlook. Dramatic installations aimed at producing the much-desired wow-effect are here to conquer the hosts’ hearts. Since thinking outside the box seems to be the major theme this year, we expect to see organizers bring more rental installations to customize the space. Some of the juiciest ideas include floral photo backdrops, Instagram frames, and hanging pieces sure to captivate the guests’ attention.

flower installations
Photo via Green Wedding Shoes


It’s All About the Texture

Another dimension in which party givers could express their individuality is through flower textures. Once again, the more traditional rose-infused designs are falling out of favor while unconventional newcomers, such as dried palm leaves or preserved oak, are gaining speed.

Some of the prime examples are dried flowers, grasses, and other preserved accents capable of breathing new life into even the most conservative set-ups. Other great options are boho pampas grass, flowering branches, dried lunaria, seasonal foliage, or locally foraged elements to give the arrangements a truly unique finish.

Photo via Pinterest


As Light as a Cloud

After the past couple of years, it’s probably not a stretch to assume we could all benefit from escaping to someplace dreamy. Turns out, some event hosts take this quite literally. Cloudlike installations are quickly winning over the clients, perhaps reminding them of the careless days as a child laying in the garden watching the cloud float by. Baby’s breath, or gypsophila, is the natural go-to for such ethereal masterpieces sure to give any event an extra spark of romanticism.

cloudlike installation above table
Photo via One Fab Day


Monogamy Prevails

On the other side of the spectrum is virtually the complete opposite of the first trend mentioned in this article – yet, it is somehow just as crazy. Choosing to stick to just one flower for the event is not a decision for the faint-hearted. This is because it takes much more creativity and imagination to create something truly unique when the options are so limited. Hence, a trusted florist is a must in such a scenario. However, the pay-off is large as well – well-executed monofloral events tend to produce quite an impression on guests!

floral arrangement on table
Photo via Brides

In conclusion, daring, out-of-the-box ideas are all the heat in summer 2022. Having been confined to our homes for way too long, we now yearn for the burst of colors, textures, emotions, and human connections – and this shows in the event hosts’ mood! Be it multi-colored installations, cloudlike pieces, or wildly maximalist arrangements, one thing is sure – everybody wants to customize their event more than ever, and flowers are a wonderful way to do that!