Summer Wedding Ideas

A summer wedding is everything warm, bright, and gorgeous – the energy you need for married life. This beautiful time of the year avails you of stunning palettes for all summer wedding themes. The blooms are bright and open, and there are more fashion and outdoor wedding options. Since summer weddings are around the corner, we thought you might be looking for summer wedding décor ideas!

Create A Chill Zone

This line-up of refreshing summer drinks has our mouths watering for the sweet taste of summer. A station of beverage dispensers adds a quaint touch. Watermelon, lime and cucumber vodka are all refreshing on their own, but combined they reach new heights of cocktail refreshment. Our favorites? Mimosa, lemonade, grapefruit bikini cocktail, rosé spritzer, sangria and iced tea.

refreshment stand
Photo by @altair_decor

Embrace An Unusual Altar Setting

Having a unique altar is one of the most popular wedding ideas for the summer season. Instead of the traditional altar or the usual flower backdrop, you can have a different theme for your altar. Choose lush colors and vivid shades – from dreamy pastels to monochromatic whites, from refreshing aqua to misty greens!

summer wedding altar
Photo via Pinterest

Incorporate A Citrus Theme

Enjoy the vibrant accents of summer with a citrus-themed wedding! Bright and refreshing tones of orange and yellows are used to create a fresh décor palate. Using citrus fruits as place cards can be a fun and organic way to incorporate the season’s colors into your tabletop. Nothing says summer quite like fresh citrus and these place cards add the perfect pop to any wedding. You would first think to use them as a garnish for your holiday cocktail but also try using them to brighten up your dinner table as center pieces.

Photo by Andrew Jade Photo | Martha Stewart
citrus table setting
Photo by @tennillefink

A Yellow Wedding Cake

Embrace the sun with a beautiful yellow wedding cake! This bright yellow wedding cake with blush, peachy, pink and white blooms and leaves is summer on a plate.

yellow wedding cake with flowers
Photo by @pinkertonphoto