Entertainment Trends In The Events Industry

While the industry expects some kind of a return to normal, consumer habits learned during the pandemic will become embedded as we see the return of live events. Entertainment is becoming a huge part of corporate events, especially on a larger scale. Everything is about the guest experience and seeing technology taking the center stage to cater the changing needs. Here are 5 trends in entertainment within the events industry that we predict!

Social Media Driven

The pandemic has only accelerated preexisting trends toward the digital world. The exponential increase of engagement in digital media is proof of that. Social media can shape the reputation of your events and your organization. And the good part is almost everyone is on social media be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. Encouraging your guests to engage on your social media is one of the most effective ways to make your presence be known and remembered. You can keep a hamper or goodie for the person who tagged the most! Or it can be as simple as hearing feedback from attendees and making changes based on that feedback.

Immersive Experiences

When the art of storytelling comes to life it is called immersive experience. The future of events is set to take wing by augmented, virtual, and mixed reality trends. Being immersed in something is about being 100% present in the moment. To create a truly immersive event, you need to get the foundations right, know your audience and what appeals to them. Make them involved, excited, and ultimately, absorbed in the experience.

immersive experiences wedding
Photo by Domino Arts Photography

Personalized Hybrid Experiences

The pandemic has taught us the need for human connection. However, the future is hybrid. The industry is shifting to a more bespoke approach where individual needs will be catered ensuring they feel special and engaged. Focus on what’s important to them. We are seeing more people marching to their own drums, picking colors they love, flowers that they are drawn to, and celebrating with their favorite people.

hybrid wedding_ online streaming
Photo by Andre Maier

Emotional Catering

This sort of entertainment is going to rise for the events. Production companies will look for new ways to serve food rather than in a simple way. Emotional Catering is an idea of specialization of the food & show dedicated to special occasions where conviviality and location require particular attention to hospitality and entertainment. No longer the traditional way like buffets and seated dinner will be there, rather unusual and appealing ways to cater to the guests creating an emotional bond between the caterer and the guest will be created.

Emotional Catering
Photo via Affresco Events Group

Mindful Events with Focus on Sustainability

With the world taking a shift for a better and greener planet, there’s a spillover of the same sentiment for the events industry. From choosing an event venue that meets sustainability guidelines and benchmarks to using recyclable and biodegradable production materials and making sure that there’s no wastage, clients are looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet. For entertainment, this means more ideas and methods to maximize the purpose without wastage.

Photo via Wonderful Copenhagen

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