Paros. The “New Mykonos”

Over the past few years, something has shifted when it comes to where people want to be seen in Greece. Gone are the days of lavish parties on Mykonos; now, everyone who’s anyone flocks to Paros as soon as the weather gets warm.

Paros has everything Mykonos has to offer and more. A Cycladic Island, it’s sunny but cooled down by nice winds. Pulling into the port you’re greeted by a small white-washed town named Parikia, where your introduction to your new favorite island begins!

paroikia paros town
Photo by @kellyontv via Instagram
Paros_Naoussa town
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The Cosmopolitan Must-Visit Towns

Step off the three hour boat ride from Athens and find yourself right in the center of the capital of Paros, Parikia. Cobbled streets lead you down little alleyways filled with fashionable boutiques – pick up a unique piece of jewelry or a linen shirt. Memories of sea breezes, summer cocktails and good company are sure to come rushing back whenever you reach for it in your closet. End your stroll with a refreshing ice cream picked up from one of the many gelato shops in town.

Drive fifteen minutes past rolling hills and young people on quad bikes to get to Paros’ other main town, Naoussa. If you were impressed by the great variety of things to do in Parikia, you’ll never get enough of Naoussa. During the day, spend your time by the beach before coming into the town just when it comes alive in the evening. Oyster bars and cocktail hours abound; sit by the sea and watch the twinkling stars and street lamps as you sip on an Aperol spritz.

naoussa paros town
Photo by Thomas Bonnin via Unsplash

Daytime Activities

Paros is beloved by windsurfers across Greece and beyond for its natural winds and lovely waters. Do a taster session at Golden Beach, which also offers stunningly golden sand (as its name suggests!). Otherwise, venture down to Kolymbithres, a collection of small beaches nestled between large rocks for a relaxing day out.

windsurfing paros
Photo by Gerald Schömbs via Unsplash

Paros has quickly become one of the most popular islands for fashionable tourists. Every year the landscape changes, becoming more and more perfect for an idyllic holiday. Dodge the exorbitant prices of Mykonos and the cliché of Santorini by visiting Paros for an island you’ll never forget!