The Most Unusual Wedding Themes

Long gone are the days when a wedding was a highly regulated affair. Surely, there are still certain traditions that people living in different parts of the world follow happily but compared to the olden times, the fiancées are now permitted a much higher degree of freedom. Given such a turn of events, it is only natural that couples seek to express their creativity during one of the most important days in their lives. One way to do so is to throw a themed wedding.

While traditional themes tend to age well and offer a full range of safe options, today, we decided to focus on some of the most audacious and ambitious themes we have had the pleasure of witnessing! If your clients are in search of inspiration, these ideas are sure to get their creative juices flowing.

Harry Potter

Slowly but steadily becoming a classic, Harry Potter has managed to win over a full generation of humans. It also just so happens that this generation is currently in the pride of its marital age, hence the increased demand for wands and broomsticks at weddings. One great advantage of this theme is a full-scale world to get inspiration from – everything from invitations to decorations to the bride’s dress could be styled in a wizardly fashion.

Photo by Nirav Patel via Martha Stewart

The Beatles

This one is dedicated to all the music lovers out there. If there is a band to choose to celebrate everlasting love, mutual respect, and unconditional acceptance, the Beatles is standing a good chance. Featured ideas include band-inspired fonts and love-related quotes from the couple’s favorite songs.

beatles wedding cake
Photo via Pinterest

Do your clients feel nostalgic about all those fun times spent at carnivals and circuses as children? Here is a great idea to brush up on those memories! From the aesthetical perspective, this theme would probably work well for fiancées searching for an excuse to infuse some color into the traditionally white event

Old-time Carnival

carnival theme wedding
Photo by Rachel Joy Barehl

The Great Gatsby

Nobody said celebrating the big day in style was out of vogue. And what speaks “style” more than the almost universally beloved Great Gatsby? This theme tends to win hearts easily, especially among guests, who get a chance to come to the event in carefully thought-through outfits they probably always wanted to wear but never had the occasion for. Another creative thought is to stylize the wedding registry accordingly and perhaps even list items that are made with the roaring twenties in mind. Here is some advice on how to make sure your clients are happy with their registry.

Greaty Gatsby Wedding Theme
Photo via Chic Vintage Brides

Game of Thrones

Do your clients refer to each other as “my sun and stars” and “moon of my life”? If yes, you know what theme to offer to them. Game of Thrones was in the top charts for all sorts of events for years, but the demand does not seem to seize. Thanks to the very detailed portrayal of the Seven Kingdoms, this theme offers a rich choice of decorations and styling options to choose from

Game of Thrones Wedding
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Star Wars

May the force be with them! Is there anything else to comment on, really?

star wars wedding table
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Alice in Wonderland

Another idea borrowed from the magical world is an Alice-in-Wonderland-themed wedding. Whimsical décor, plenty of confusing notes and signs, and perhaps even a curiosity-infusing Mad Hatter – this theme is certain to leave an impression and stand out from the more traditional events.

Photo by Kirsty Hardiman Photography via Love Our Wedding


In case the happy couple fits the description “cute is an understatement” perfectly, perhaps, this theme is for them. Having won our hearts over back in 2009, this Pixar creation is sure to not only make everybody emotional, but also leave a striking impression for years, should the bride and groom incorporate balloons in their wedding set-up.

up wedding theme
Photo via Wedding Chicks
Up wedding
Photo via Wedding Chicks


Truly heroic are all those who have gone through the process of wedding planning. Therefore, we think this theme is always a great idea for almost any event. It is also highly customizable as, thankfully, humanity has come up with a myriad of superheroes for each taste and to each liking. Couples with kids should pay extra attention as this theme tends to be their absolute favorite.

superhero wedding cake
Photo via This Fairytale Life


Last but not least, the celestial theme has been rapidly gaining popularity over the past years. It is especially well suited to a beach wedding, even more so to a beach wedding in Greece, where the azure waters and breathtaking white sand beaches reflect the beauty of the moon and stars just like the bride and groom reflect in each other’s loving eyes. Need a hand in choosing the perfect location for the lovebirds? Take a look at one of our guides.

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