Take a Food Tour Around Greece!

The Mediterranean diet is known across the world for being deliciously healthy – but the variety and beauty of Greek cuisine is often lost when experienced from afar. Follow us on a tour of some of the best food to be found across the country and learn about regional specialties. Next time you find yourself anywhere in Greece, you’ll know what to order off the menu.

anthotyro cheese
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kalamata olives
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Northern Greece (Regions of Epirus and Macedonia)

The first stop on our food tour is northern Greece, which has a slightly cooler climate and an even more mountainous terrain. Here, farmers and shepherds have historically relied on hearty and filling food that travels well, and this is reflected in regional cuisine.

Dairy products are produced and loved across the region – take a bite into rich cheeses such as Metsovone and Anthotyro, both commonly made in Epirus. Following a dairy-filled appetizer, make room for a delicious pie, such as Kasiopita (cheese pie) or Kimadopita (mince pie). Finally, cleanse your palate with toursi (pickles) made of multiple different vegetables and peppers in order to prepare for the next stop on this Greek food tour!

Aegean Islands (Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos and more!)

As you may have guessed, island cuisine is based much more on fish due to their proximity to the water. Here, food is kept simple, and the focus is on quality ingredients and a freshness you can’t find anywhere else.

All of these islands are known for their chickpea soup and spread, a delicious side that adds a lot of character to a main meal. Pair it with fish such as Barbouni (red mullet) or lavraki (Greek sea bass). If you find yourself on the island of Alonissos, however, take the opportunity to try some fresh tuna – you won’t regret it!

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Southern Greece (the Peloponnese)

The Peloponnese, the mainland region south from Athens, is another good place to turn for delicious food in Greece. Lather your plate in olive oil whilst you’re here, as most of the country’s oil is produced here. A high-quality olive oil is a priceless addition to any dish, and its rich green colour and refined taste may shock you!

The words ‘Kalamata olives’ may ring a bell as some of the world’s most well-known and moreish olives come from the small city of Kalamata in the region. For a main, try pork, a regional specialty. Have it roasted or cured before tucking in to a juicy and flavoursome orange grown in the Greek sun for dessert.

In Greece, mealtimes are a ritual; a time to take a break from the rest of your busy day, sit down with family and friends, and enjoy healthy and fresh food. For a true Greek experience, finish off your food tour of the country with a siesta and take a nap in the middle of the day!