Most Inventive Ideas for the Wedding Buffet

Throughout the wedding planning process, the couple is normally faced with lots of difficult decisions, from who to invite to what sort of gifts to put on the registry. The planner’s task, in this case, is to do everything to minimize the number of such ordeals.

One of the ways to do so is to help the clients out when it comes to food. Granted, the plated meal vs buffet debate is at least as old as weddings themselves, yet we have something to say in favor of the latter. While couples may worry that they won’t be able to create a personalized meal for their guests via a buffet, the opposite could actually be the case. Unlike its less flexible counterpart, a buffet allows attendees to choose their preferred treats at any point during the event, from the cocktail hour and reception to late-night desserts.

For creative brides and grooms, a buffet could become a blessing. What is better than showing off their quirky personalities through carefully crafted food pieces linked to the overall wedding theme? Get inspired by these unique wedding buffet ideas.

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