Emotional Catering: Why You Should Embrace This New Trend At Your Next Event

What happens when food catering is completely soaked in its location that it creates an immersive experience? The result you get is called emotional catering. As they say that a way to someone’s heart is through their stomach… here are a few reasons and concepts that would compel you to have this new concept at your event!

The Need For Unique Entertainment

Entertainment is becoming almost mandatory in any event as people like to have fun and interact instead of just watching the show. Event organizers are constantly looking for new ways to surprise their guests.

Emotional catering let them step into a world of fantasy, where artists put up a show to serve the food in a dynamic and interactive way. They create an emotional bond with the guests, so they feel attended to.


Image Courtesy: @fadusevents

To Add A Dose of Glamour

Gone are the days of traditional food serving. Catering is not just about putting up a food table. Every area and element comes into play when creating this experience. Artists play with various elements from their dress to makeup to create a gastronomical experience that looks enticing and glamourous.

emotional catering

Image Courtesy: @nuart_events

It Reflects The Spirit of The Location

Interactivity is a mandatory aspect of this concept. To succeed in making an interactive show event means to apply interactivity in an artistic and three-dimensional form.

There are several ways to do this. One of which is to incorporate the theme of the location. Maybe the property will have certain characteristics like history or art, that you can combine with the presentation. For example, if the hotel has a renaissance art, artists can dress up as historical characters and serve the food in a way that was done before in the region.

emotional catering
Image Courtesy: @fadusevents