Samothraki: The Untouched Island

Get off the beaten track and onto an island perfect for hiking and enjoying bright green foliage and tumbling waterfalls by taking a trip to a northern Greek refuge: Samothraki Island. A secret paradise, Samothraki is not one to miss during a visit to Greece. It is a world away from anywhere else you may have seen, and truly one of the country’s best kept secrets.

Unlike any other Greek island

After pulling into the port directly from Alexandroupoli, one of the first things that you’ll notice is the mountains and steep cliffsides that adorn this island. Covered in trees and greenery, it’s the perfect place for anyone who doesn’t want all-inclusive resorts or fancy living. Here, camping reigns supreme and people often hitchhike to get around. Beautiful freshwater ponds and rivers await you – if you’re not afraid to walk a bit to get there.

Waterfalls Or Beach?

The natural waterfalls found on Samothraki are sure to amaze as you watch the sparkling water cascade down cliff fronts. The most well-known waterfalls are Kleidosi and Kremasto, which can be found next to a cave with its water gushing down into the sea. There are countless more wonders to enjoy, and the way to do it on Samothraki is to ‘discover’ them yourself!

If freshwater rivers aren’t your thing, don’t worry, Samothraki has a number of stunning beaches scattered across the island. Enjoy a relaxed afternoon by visiting Pachia Ammos, a picturesque beach sheltered in a cove with a fish tavern and sunbeds. Or venture to Vatos, a scenic beach that can only be reached by tour boat or after a long hike.

Special Find: The beautiful ‘Winged Victory of Samothraki’ is a jaw-dropping eleven-foot statue of the goddess Nike which was discovered on the island in 1863. Although the original now lives in the Louvre, you can visit an exact replica on her home island, in the Archaeological Museum.

How To Plan Your Stay

Connect with nature by staying on a campsite near the village of Therma for an authentic Samothraki vacation. For a more relaxing stay, choose one of the hotels in the village of Chora. Alternatively, stay in the port town of Kamariotissa, where you’ll find the majority of restaurants, cafes and nightclubs on the island.

Although it may be tempting to subsist on ordering fresh fish when you’re dining next to the sea, don’t miss out on a Samothraki delicacy, goat. Every restaurant has its own ‘secret recipe’, so you can sample this delicious meat dish in anyway you enjoy, or check out all the different preparations available on the island!