The Charming Venetian Harbor of Chania

Crete is the largest Greek island and it can sometimes seem overwhelming and intimidating to first-time visitors. Take it from us, we get it – but planning a trip to the city of Chania is more than worth it, every time. Once you get there, everything becomes oh so simple: take a flight into a modern international airport and combine the beachy feel of a Greek island with every convenience and luxury you can imagine.

A traditional venetian harbor welcomes you to the city, with a mix of architectural styles all painted in shades of terracotta. The harbor is truly stunning and world-class restaurants can be found lining the sea front – perfect for a welcome dinner to the beautiful city of Chania!

The Perfect Evening Walk

Turn away from the harbor and walk through the weaving streets of the Agora for a shopping trip to remember. Vendors light up each side of the road you walk through as the peaceful scent of jasmine follows you through the air. Bring home one-of-a-kind souvenirs handmade by local artisans for a true Cretan experience!

Shop ‘Greek-style’: Greeks don’t shy away from getting the best deal possible – if you want to act like a local, know that the first price given is almost never final!

Dip Your Toes Into Pink Sands

Chania is in the perfect location to be driving distance from some of the best beaches on the entirety of Crete – although this is a getaway that may need a car, getting to experience these waterside wonders is so worth it.

Take a trip to world-famous Elafonisi beach to watch bright blue waters roll on to magical pink sands for a picture perfect moment. Or, drive to Falassarna for stunning sunsets and the opportunity to try every water sport imaginable in perfect weather conditions. Balos beach is another option, with the famous lagoon boasting turquoise and warm, shallow waters.


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Explore the Samaria Gorge

For those always looking for their next adventure fix, or just wanting to try something new, hiking the Samaria gorge is a perfect activity. The 15 kilometre walk through the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is famous for being the perfect level of strenuous whilst still allowing visitors to take in the stunning scenery.

samaria gorge

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Reward yourself with traditional Cretan food, made with fresh, simple ingredients, such as a Dakos salad piled high with bright red tomatoes. Cretan cuisine is known for taking everyday Greek recipes and perfecting them due to the locally produced ingredients, making every taste heavenly.