Safety First: A Guide to Wedding Insurance

Perhaps, the least sexy thing somebody could bring up during the wedding planning process is what will happen if all the hell breaks loose, or in official language – the insurance coverage. While this hardly seems romantic enough for the happy couple to invest their time into, doing so may actually turn out to be an extremely worthwhile decision. Expecting the unexpected has long been one of the wedding planners’ main fortes and making sure the husband and wife-to-be understand the associated risks should certainly find its way into the priority list.

What is Wedding Insurance All About?

Technically, wedding insurance falls under the category of special events insurance, and normally protects the buyer in case of cancellation or postponement, as well as against any liabilities associated with the big day. While some providers will write coverage up to 24 hours before the event, it is certainly advisable to think about this in advance.

What Does Wedding Insurance Consist Of?

Generally, there are two big groups of policies. The first one is liability insurance. While the exact terms will vary depending on the provider and the chosen program, the basics usually include guest injuries, liquor liability, vendor issues, lost or stolen items, and damage to the venue. This is a pretty standard shopping list for an average policy that could be supplemented with additional ingredients according to the couple’s preferences.

The second aspect is the cancellation coverage. It is important to mention that such a policy will protect the subscriber only in the case the event is canceled or postponed as a result of circumstances beyond the bride’s and groom’s control. Anything from uncooperative weather to family emergencies can count as such but it is important to read the policy details, including (or especially) the fine print, carefully.

What About the Pandemic?

Now, the main question on everybody’s minds is the pandemic-related rules. Turns out, the policies normally claim coverage in the case of epidemics but may specifically exclude covid-19, so once again – caution is strongly advised! The good news is that wedding insurances may provide protection not only for the wedding day itself but also for events up to 48 hours before and after the main spectacle, so the mishaps during rehearsal dinners or day-after brunches would not become a nasty surprise.

How Much Does it Cost?

Wedding insurance falls into the category of non-standard policy, meaning policies across providers will vary greatly. Normally, the entry-level coverage is possible for just under $200, but the peace of mind for a destination wedding could easily run up to $1,000. The final price will, of course, depend on the ingredients the couple wants to include but providing them with detailed information on the plans available is probably the first step.

Finally, all the clients are different. Some brides and grooms are more risk-averse than others and would probably reach out to you seeking relevant information, while others may need a more proactive approach from the planner’s side. Whatever the case might be, it is always a good idea to keep an updated bio of the reliable providers handy, which is why we are happy to share our very own top-3 list specializing in destination weddings and covering Greece in their policies:

Have not found your favorite provider in the list above? Share it with us and we will be happy to include your suggestion in our future materials (+ points to karma for helping out the wedding industry community!).