Explore Mythical Acheron

Greece is known worldwide for its mythology and rich history – even though the characters in these stories are long gone, the places that inspired them are still ready to explore. Come to the region of Parga in northern Greece to witness one of the most enchanting mythical sites around, the Acheron River.

Crystal clear waters that are instantly refreshing are surrounded by beds of green and rocky cliffsides, inviting you to take a stroll next to this stunningly beautiful river.

Gorges, ponds and waterfalls are everywhere you turn, bubbling with turquoise waters. Leisurely float down the river for some family-friendly fun or take the adventurous route! Choose to go rafting or even ride a horse through the river. Zipline miles above the river for a thrilling once-in-a-lifetime view!


Flickr – Anita Szeicz CC BY-ND 2.0

Hiding Lore Under Blue Waters

Legend has it the Ancient Greeks believed that the River Acheron was the entryway to Hades, or the underworld. They called it the ‘river of woe’; however, if you were to visit today you may first be struck by its beauty and fun rather than the darker mythology surrounding it.

Where to Stay

When visiting Acheron, most choose to stay in a village adjacent to the river called Glyki. A quaint village not frequented by tourists until the past 15 years or so, it has managed to retain much of its authentic charm. Walking paths snake through the area, perfect for an afternoon stroll after a delicious picnic by the river.

Another option is to stay in Parga, only a half an hour drive away from the river. Pick Parga if you want to combine the freshwater of the river with saline beaches. Parga is perfect for an alternative beach holiday, with beautiful warm sea in the north of Greece. Stay in one of the colorful houses which line the mountain side, and take a quick jaunt down to the free beaches that line the coast.

parga town greece
parga town

Taste Epirotic Cuisine

Acheron lies in the northern region of Epirus, which has a distinct and delicious cuisine. Disrupt any ideas of what you think ‘Greek cuisine’ is, and broaden your horizons with rich and satisfying cheeses and butter products.

Take a bite into regional pies such as Amygdalopita (almond pie) or a flogera (metsovo cheese pastry). Or try specially prepared frog legs customary in the area for a unique treat! Whatever you sink your teeth into, it’s sure to be delicious – just like the rest of your retreat.

Featured Image: Flickr – Gerwin Filius