Why Indian Couples Are Eying Greece For Their Wedding Celebrations

We love the extravagance that a big fat Indian wedding brings along. Indian weddings are larger-than-life celebrations and destination weddings are trending these days among high-net-worth Indian couples. Greece reportedly has been on top of the charts for destination choices among Indian couples. So why are Indian couples are setting their hearts out for Greece? What makes these ‘Island of Gods’ special for Indians? Scroll down below to find out!

Indian Cultural Aspects are Strikingly Similar to Greek Hospitality

Greece is known as a welcoming destination, where visitors are treated as honored guests. In fact, Xenios, “the stranger’s god” means any stranger that ‘rang the bell’ could be a god in disguise. In Hindu mythology, there is a phrase- “athithi devo bhava” which literally means the same, that any guest is equivalent to God. These cultural similarities tend the Indian couples to be comfortable with the fact that their wedding planning will be taken good care of.


Place: Hydra / Picture Courtesy: @lesanagnou / Planner: @deplanv

Love For Food

Indians share the same love for food as Greeks. Philositos means “fond of food” and India is a nation of foodies. The meals are huge for the wedding day including large buffets with over 50 delicacies. Melitzanosalata, a popular Greek eggplant dish is similar to baigan ka bharta. Then there is Tzatziki, a garlicy yogurt dip which is very similar to the Indian raita. Rest assured, you won’t be craving Indian food in Greece with so many similar dishes!


Picture Courtesy: @vangelisphotography

Greece Doubles As a Honeymoon Destination

Greece has become the mecca for any and every one looking to capture a stunning sunset picture — and for good reason. After your wedding, Greece doubles up as a perfect honeymoon destination. Experience your first adventure as a married couple in one of the many mesmerizing places. Stay in Santorini to continue the romance or hop on over to Mykonos for a bit more partying, get off-the-beaten-path of Hydra, or enjoy the culinary epicenter of Crete. It offers you the right mix of romance, intimacy, and tranquility to kick start your newly wedded life.


Picture Courtesy: @elenidona

An Abundance of Luxury Hotels for Large Scale Weddings

Indian weddings are usually filled with many guests approx. 500-1000. With its abundance of luxury resorts and hotel, Greece can serve all of your wedding fantasies and set the backdrop of a gorgeous celebration. Indian wedding functions typically consist of multi-day celebrations with various rituals, you will find 5-star hotels offering multiple venue spaces to hold these different ceremonies. From indoor ballrooms accommodating up to 1000 pax to outdoor spaces with the most stunning views, Greece is well-versed to accommodate the all types of Indian weddings. Moreover, most of these resorts have an in-house wedding planning service that can arrange everything you wish for making your dream wedding come true.


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Greece Sets Up a Mesmerizing Backdrop Against the Mandapas

In Hindu weddings, Mandap translates to a covered structure with pillars. In essence, the Mandap serves as the altar for Indian weddings, adorned with floral decorations and bells. A place blessed with awe-inspiring nature, unique whitewashed villages, and the most incredible sunsets in the world, it’s impossible not to be swept away by Greece’s charm. Indian couples love to have the beauty of the Aegean Sea captured in their wedding photos.

Picture Courtesy: @elenidona

This country of sparkling seas, pristine beaches and coves, and sun-kissed villages painted in wedding-dress white are just about perfect in all ways for your wedding day. It has something for all sorts of couples, no matter if you’re the type who likes mountains, beaches or just a calm getaway after the big day. If you are convinced to have your big day in Greece, we can help you make it a reality. Contact us at info@amusebespoke.com.

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