5 Places to Pop the Question in Greece

Once you’ve made the decision to take your relationship to the next level and want to commit to a lifetime of love and happiness, sometimes the only thing standing in your way is technicalities. Let us take some of that stress of your shoulders.

Outlined below are some of the most scenic places in Greece to ask your partner to take your relationship to the next level. The only thing better than hearing a ‘Yes’ is hearing it on a stunning beach in Greece!


#1 – Milos

Milos is known across Greece and the world as the island of lovers. The famous statue, the Venus de Milo, was discovered here and the island is now known to be perfect for lovers because of her! The island is skyrocketing in popularity and in recent years has attracted the attention of celebrity and exclusive patrons – and its clear why.

One of the most exotic islands in the Aegean, look for stark white cliffsides next to emerald green waters. Spectacular volcanic rocks color the beaches shades of orange as you set up for a perfect moment with a loved one!



Photo Courtesy: @milosweddingphotographer

#2 – Skiathos

You might have heard of Skiathos because of ‘Mamma Mia!’, but there’s a lot more to this charming island. Nearby to the famous region of Pelion, Skiathos is just as green and covered in trees as the mainland. Trees meet white sand which is lapped by the Aegean sea, making for an impressive effect.

Visit some of Skiathos’ sixty beaches for an almost tropical swim. A romantic picnic with sea, sand and green on every side is sure to set the mood as the delicate scent of fig and almond trees fills the air.


Photo Courtesy: @farawayfarers

#3 – Sounion

Sounion is only an hour’s drive away from Athens, but you’ll forget you were in a city so recently when you pull up to this beautiful cape. The Temple of Poseidon sits at the peak of the headland, illuminated by one of the most breath-taking sunsets to be seen across Greece every evening.

Surrounded on three sides by deep blue sea, the view from Sounion can’t be beat. Stroll around carefully preserved white marble ruins as you take the leap into the rest of your life.


Photo Courtesy: @giorgos_charitos_

#4 – Zakynthos

Zakynthos could be the answer to all of your questions. Also known as Zante, the island is known for its beautiful beaches – take a trip to famous ‘Navagio’ cove which many consider the world’s best beach. Swim amongst giant endangered caretta-caretta sea turtles for a dip you’ll never forget. Or, take part in some of the best nightlife to be found across the Greek islands!

Whatever you choose to do on Zakynthos, you will always be moments away from perfect photo op.


Photo Courtesy: @finduslost

#5 – Monemvasia

Travel south on the Greek mainland until you get to Monemvasia, on the Peloponnese peninsula. The town is on the site of a medieval castle, meticulously preserved as the castle was built into the slopes of the rock.

Ancient stone buildings line the winding streets of the old town as water surrounds the tiny island on all sides. Wander around the picturesque streets or unwind on the beach – you can’t go wrong on such a uniquely gorgeous island with a loved one!


Photo Courtesy: @evangelia__diakoumi__


Feature Image Courtesy: @dimitrios_tsiligiannis