Meet Meteora – The Ideal Off-Season Destination

Greece is known for its sandy beaches and blue waters, but if you want to have an entirely different and unique experience in this country, Meteora might be for you. Go off the beaten path to Central Greece and look up towards the sky – you might need a moment to catch your breath.

Meteora rocks

The sheer height of the rock pillars which make up Meteora are sure to leave you speechless. But! Keep studying them, you’ll notice the picturesque stone paved monasteries which dot the peaks. Sunbeams filter through the cliffs and make them glow as you appreciate their natural beauty.

Off-Season Fantasy

meteora suspended monastaries

When dreaming of a winter getaway, Greece may not be the first place on your list. Meteora can change that. This unique destination is great any time of year and can be just what the doctor ordered: a cure for the winter blues!

“Meteora” directly translates to “floating” or “suspended”, a reference to the rock formations which reach thousands of feet into the air. Stay in the villages of Kalambaka or Kastraki, both nestled under the stunning Meteora. Wake up and take a step outside onto your balcony to watch the morning mist settle around the cliffs, creating a mystical atmosphere.

A Unique History

Meteora is a place for the culture buff. Ancient history, artifacts and religious arts are are what awaits you. Explore one of the six monasteries, the oldest of which can be traced back to the 14th century! Wall paintings and relics are housed in these impressive buildings. As the largest archaeological site in Greece by area, you definitely won’t want for things to do while you’re there.


Local Tip:  Hike through the abandoned monasteries of Meteora which are entirely hidden from the road, only accessible on foot.


Mushrooms Galore!

Central Greece is known for its delicious meat, and whilst local game is readily available, Meteora is particularly renowned for its mushrooms. From farm to table, the mushrooms at Meteora are treated delicately, making them truly like no other. Locally harvested truffle pairs perfectly with wine from nearby Theopetra vineyard – a common offering at nearby ‘tavernas’.


Whatever you choose to do at Meteora, it is sure to leave a lasting impression. Photos from your event are sure to get people asking where you found such a magical and one-of-a-kind backdrop!