Koufonisia: A Recipe for Relaxation 

You’ve arrived to Koufonisia. The endless blue waters that surround you are impossible not to recognize. This island is meant for relaxation and to be honest there isn’t much to do….but that’s the point! (More on what to do later)

Take a stroll and contemplate what local catch of the day you will have for lunch – or get carried away by the sounds of resident musicians. There’s no need for noisy cars or any stress on this quaint Cycladic island – you can turn your focus to lounging by blue waters and developing a sunkissed tan. These idyllic islands are far removed from all the hustle and bustle of the city.

To Prepare: Pack enough swimsuits for twice-daily dips into your suitcase.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

The Koufonisia epitomize the pleasures of the simple things in life. The main touristic island, Ano Koufonisi, is only 3.5 kilometres long!

This means that most people can spend their whole vacation without getting into a car. Locals and tourists alike utilize taxi boats to get around!


If the Peace of Ano Koufonisi Wasn’t Enough….

The two quiet Koufonisia islands are for those who crave unwinding and relaxing in an authentic Greek setting: you won’t find many beach bars or chain businesses here!

If you do want a night out on the town or some retail therapy, the trendy island of Paros is only two hours away, making Koufonisia the perfect hideaway from your everyday.

Otherwise, visit the second small island of the Koufounisia, Kato Koufonisi, for an even more secluded and rustic experience. Eat at the only taverna on the island and explore its truly untouched coves to feel as though you have the whole beach to yourself.

What To Do?

  • Explore caves which used to conceal pirates!
  • Take a dive into a natural pool formed by a rock formation on the east side of the island.
  • Visit Pori beach, well-known across the island for its turquoise waters and glowing white sand – grab a snorkel if you want to see a huge variety of stunning sea life under the surface.
  • Try the local twist on a classic drink enjoyed across Greece, rakomelo, which combines luxuriously sweet warm honey with spices and liquor.
  • Walk through Chora, the town on Ano Koufounisi, and get a taste of classic Cycladic buildings painted white and blue.


Greeks often exclaim that the Koufonisia are addictive, because once you go the first time, you know you’ll be back.