DWP Congress X Amuse Bespoke

What makes an event from ordinary to extraordinary? There is a fine line – but we, at Amuse Bespoke understand the grey areas, in between the black & white. Ultimately – our goal is to always deliver a refined event.

Having a panache for producing magnificent weddings, Amuse Bespoke was the Event Production Partner for Conference & Gala Dinner at the 7th edition of the Destination Wedding Planners Congress (DWP) that happened last month in Rhodes, Greece. From taking care of production to ensuring a smooth flow of events, the night was simply unforgettable. Here’s a glimpse of the event!

dwp congress conference

Combining years of Greek history with opulence at the Rodos Palace, the extravagant night was glammed to attain its royal zenith by Amuse Bespoke who meticulously designed the flow of the night with their amazing shows and event setup,” shares DWP Congress.


The Ultra-Luxe Factor


As they say – ‘Class can’t be bought, it can only be experienced.’ This means bringing in elements that will tap into the five senses of attendees. That was indeed the case with our guests during the Gala Night. As a production company, Amuse Bespoke tries to bring the client’s concepts into life by ensuring a seamless flow of events and bringing the best artists and entertainment to stun the clients every single time!

A Glimpse of Greek History


The mythology of one of humanity’s earliest civilizations has long fascinated humankind. The Gala Dinner involved a romantic story translated through an act of dance. It was as if the Greek Gods came alive in the room. The life-giving sun of the Mediterranean and the spirit of Rhodes inspired the evening’s decorations and engulfed the event into invigorating elegance.

Production at it’s Best


To give the guest an experience of Greek hospitality, the seating was set up in a sun-shaped, ciliary fashion and featured distinctive elements of the island’s history and heritage. Custom tablecloths featured a reimaging of three typical Rhodian icons – The Colossus, The Knight, and the Butterfly. The maximalist, pop-infused setup emanates folklore that transcends locality and island-specific imagery that defies territorial boundaries. The local becomes global as icons of Rhodes reclaim their symbolic and aesthetic features.

It’s All in The Details

arte de la table_Dwp Congress

It’s all in the details. The special touches are what can take an event from great to gorgeous and leave the lingering feeling of luxury. From the texture and color of the tablecloths to the nuances of the lighting to embedding the Greek style. The whole direction of the event reflected sophistication.

On Point and On Trend!

2022_wedding_trends_dwp congress

2022 wedding and event trends were highlighted at this year’s DWP Congress, which included – the pampas grass. Tall pampas structures were placed on the center of each table which added a luxurious feel. Amuse Bespoke constantly thrives to incorporate the current trends to stay ahead in the industry and have an event that is modernly upbeat!