Greece – Take Your First Bite

With the perfect recipe for Greece, the possibilities are endless.


Step out of the airport and hop on a ferry. Whisk in your pick from a wealth of white and blue washed Cyclades islands, instantly recognizable and sure to make for beautiful photographs.. Take a dive into bright blue waters and feel the dry salty air on your skin. Alternatively, hop on a ferry and travel two hours away to the lush green of the Ionian, where dramatic landscapes and cliffsides greet you at every turn. Take a flight as short as your daily commute and end up in a charming village on the mainland, where cobblestone paved paths and open-hearted locals make you feel at home immediately. Finally, heat under the year-round Greek sun at an ideal 23°C and there you have it, Greece: the easiest and best choice you’ve ever made.


Behind The Ingredients

greece_crete_fishing_boat greece_island_church greece_alley_amorgos

Greece combines being a sunny getaway with the flavors of history and natural wonder. The Greek lifestyle and people are charmingly traditional, and can create the perfect blend of culture and luxury. The world-famous Greek concept of ‘philoxenia’, literally translating to ‘friend to strangers’, perfectly encapsulates the country’s culture – and we are ready to welcome you with open arms!

Beautiful seasides and friendly locals can be combined with architectural and archaeological wonders for a twist on the classic Greek recipe. After a trip to a museum packed with ancient artifacts, try the world-famous Mediterranean cuisine where it first originated by taking a bite into farm-fresh fruit and vegetables and local cheeses. Whether you want to try water sports, nature walks or simply lounging by a swimming pool in the lap of luxury, nothing holds a candle to the easy-going Greek lifestyle.


Serves: All

Greece features a very diverse group of destinations, making it great for anyone with a more adventurous palate. Wherever you go, you are sure to be able to experience both elegant luxury and a peek into authentic, traditional living. Fresh food and local wine is served in neighborhood ‘tavernas’ across the country for a true taste of the Greek day-to-day and Michelin star fine dining restaurants can be found in all major destinations for those who crave all the finer things in life. Greece brings the tropical experience to Europe, making it perfect for those who want beaches and sunshine with all the convenience and luxury of a European destination. Throughout your time crafting the perfect recipe for an event in Greece, Amuse Bespoke can be your sous-chef, helping you put together the best event you could have ever imagined.